Q: How does the curing time of UHM concrete compare with the curing times for PC concrete?

  • At room temperature, normal strength PC concrete reaches 70% of its 28-day compressive strength  (e.g., 4,000 psi) in 7 days.  UHM’s high/ultra-high concrete at room temperature reaches the same compressive strength in 6-12 hours depending on the specific composition of the mix.  

UHM’s HPC and UHPC reach about 70% of their 28-day compressive strength (e.g., 10,000 – 28,000 psi) in 7 days and full strength in 28 days.

Curing UHM concrete at about 75°C for up to 24 hours results in the material reaching up to 80% of its 28-day compressive strength.

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